Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gathering of the Vibes 2007 : The Circus Returns to CT

Since I went to college at Fairfield U. in Southern CT, I have always loved the area. When most people think about Brigeport, they assume it's a bad area (I won't DARE use the "G" word again, here). For the most part, they are right. But, somewhere in the middle, is a true diamond in the rough: Seaside Park. After a few million dollar, and five+ year overhaul, The Gathering of the Vibes was finally able to make its return here after two awesome years in '99 and '00. Here's my recap of the weekend for a new and improved In fact, SuperDee even called the new site, "Jambase goes to college"...something I find very appropriate for this moment.

JAMBASE.COM-"Gathering of The Vibes 2007"

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