Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Camp Bisco VI : The Gravitational Tractorbeam

Camp Bisco has become a quite the event over the past several years. Simon Poshford has continually stimulated my head in ways no other artists have before...he's a genius in his own right.

Overall, the Biscuits are back, and this year's lineup was sicker than ever. Plenty of untz to go around.

Here's my Jambase recap:

JAMBASE.COM-"Camp Bisco VI: A Home Like This"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gathering of the Vibes 2007 : The Circus Returns to CT

Since I went to college at Fairfield U. in Southern CT, I have always loved the area. When most people think about Brigeport, they assume it's a bad area (I won't DARE use the "G" word again, here). For the most part, they are right. But, somewhere in the middle, is a true diamond in the rough: Seaside Park. After a few million dollar, and five+ year overhaul, The Gathering of the Vibes was finally able to make its return here after two awesome years in '99 and '00. Here's my recap of the weekend for a new and improved In fact, SuperDee even called the new site, "Jambase goes to college"...something I find very appropriate for this moment.

JAMBASE.COM-"Gathering of The Vibes 2007"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

G is for Ghetto...

This feature story, for, generated my first, genuine pieces of HATE mail...well, as a journalist anyway. (Ex-Girlfriends do not count here).

Was I wrong in using this title? Maybe, but I stick by it. I feel it's catchy, uses my patented love (or is it OVERuse) of Alliteration, and sparked some commentary. Isn't that a big part of my job, after all? To get people to read it? If I was still at Rolling Stone, they might have put me on the cover, or at least in the cool "Smoking Section," where Austin Scaggs gets to brag about what drugs he did with Kid Rock and The White Stripes.

If people think I was being derogatory, that's their opinion, but I feel my last paragraph sums up exactly how I feel...

...And, I think the record is HOT, with a capital H.

JAMBASE.COM-"Galactic Goes Ghetto"