Saturday, March 6, 2010

God Street Wine - Grown Up? No. Just Grandma.

"Love can be crazy/Love can be cruel/but I'd rather die a sinner/than a holy fool."-God Street Wine

Grandma Bavosa, may you "sleep in the stars..." I love you. Thanks for raising the best son, who became my DAD of all time. I'll miss you.

Funny how in '09 for JamBase and other mags, websites, and holy shit-verbally--I spewed thousands, if not GABILLIONS of words, tonight, I'm at a loss for any, where only a glass of red wine can suffice, melded with a tear in my eye.

Now, we march on.

This past Christmas, I decided to stay at my Aunt Carol's. It's the same picture from the past oh, 25, or so years, but THIS year, 2009, I did the GROWN UP thing, and --STAYED. Realizing that it might have been THE last Christmas with her. Well, it turned out to be the case. First, I hurt for my Dad. You rock, my man. Thanks for taking me to see Jerry, although I snuck out with the Lizzo's to see 7.13.94, a RIDICULOUSLY epic PHISH show-know them, ha!--nowadays. (That makes me sooooo much cooler than my friends. They hate me for it, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you for it, bcause I'm that much cooler for it). Love. Second, I thank my Grandma, who on that Christmas night, relayed some stories that my dad had previously tried to keep under lock-n;key became revealed. In other words, as much as I like to think I am a rebel in the fam, I wasn't the first. Now, I realize my grandma was the one the start that trend.

While many will say she passed away of a broken heart missing my Grandpa from a year or two ago, she was the most resilient, stuborn, best-meatball-cooking-Grandma, this side of God STreet Wine Westchester ever knew...

..and it's funny that the GSW website renews itself on the eve (3/4/10), that she decides to not throw in the towel, but rather pass on the torch to, well, US.

So, tonight, this bottle of red WINE, yes, ironic, but true, is to you Olive, and thanks or the dirt on my Dad this past Christmas. It's priceless, you know.

You will be missed, I hope you playing slots in heaven with Grandpa, after he shoots a 72 playing golf. Erin and I love you guys. Thanks for raising the best Dad, Aunt, and ridiculously funny uncle of all time.


Your long-haired (yes, still) Grandson.