Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not Gonna Catch the Midnight Rambler...

Every once in a while, the ritual of going to witness live music--yes, again and again, over and over--pays off in ways so profound and spiritual when you least expect it.

Levon Helm
, most notably of The Band fame, helped eight of my friends and I experience just such a night.

Probably one of the most intimate, and homey nights of music I have ever been a part of, it was tough to put into words, but I tried. Mixing classic Band tunes with selections from his first solo offeort in over 25 years, Dirt Farmer, Helm still showed his versatility and craftsmanship on the drums. His voice, once almost silented--permanently--from throat cancer was never so sweet to hear. I urge everyone to do is make sure that you witness one of these before you die. Truly magical, and nothing like it, but a must for any fan of Helm and the Band.

As always, you can read about it here : Helm | 11.17 | Woodstock, NY

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